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What You Need To Know About Raclette

Raclette typically is a reference to three different things. It is first a cheese type, the appliance used to cook the cheese, and thirdly a unique way in which to prepare and eat the meal. The Raclette experience is common with a host of similar characteristics that made Swiss Fondue popular, yet it offers a more refined and complex taste for diners.

The primary ingredient for all types of Raclette meals would be the cheese. Traditionally, Raclette is a semi-hard cheese that comes from Switzerland and they pronounce the word “ruck-let” in English. Raclette originates from a French word “racler” which means to scrape. This has to do with the method that is used to scrape the cheese from a cheese block. The cheese offers a mild and milky taste along with slight hints of a nutty undertone.

The requirement for Raclette is heat in order to bring forth the flavor profiles of the cheese. Restaurants that prepare these meals use a heater or Raclette grill that melts the cheese. This is followed by scraping the melted-cheese using a knife. Traditionally the cheese is served with pickled vegetables and potatoes.

Even though the traditional Raclette meal includes the cheese, pickled vegetables and potatoes, today you can find an array of variations when it comes to this meal. Cheese lovers enjoy experimenting with this meal and often use a number of different ingredients such as fresh and smoked meats and vegetable selections.

The Origins Of Raclette

Raclette originates from the Swiss Alps, and similar to many of the other culinary favorites, this dish was born from an accident and necessity. Hundreds of years back, the Swiss herdsman needed a nutritious and inexpensive food source, which had the ability to withstand the heat of summer without going bad. The choice of pickled vegetables, potatoes and cheese were sensible as these ingredients were delicious and hearty and had the ability to last for a number of months without the need for refrigeration.

According to legends, one night, a herdsman who was preoccupied left a Raclette wheel very close to the campfire where it started to melt. The herdsman was hungry and didn’t want to waste his food source, so he decided to scrape the melted cheese using a knife, which he then ate. This was the birth of a new way of eating cheese, and this news spread to other herdsmen.

How To Throw A Raclette Party

The idea of throwing a Raclette party is to include a variety of bread, vegetables, and meats. The 2 Raclette machines include the type that holds the wheel of your cheese of choice and the cheese is heated under a specialized lamp. The other type is a device that heats up individual portions on small pans. If you don’t own a Raclette Party Grill machine, use a heavy-based non-stick pan so you can melt your cheese slabs.

Below are some of the popular ingredients that can be served with Raclette:

• Artisanal Bread

• Meats, some of the popular choices include roasted pork, prosciutto, chorizo, Jambon Royale, Finocchiona Salami, rare steak

• A Large bowl of cooked potatoes is always a favorite with Raclette

• Vegetables, the recommended choices include cauliflower, broccoli, Cipolline onions, Roasted butternut squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, baby potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, and peppers

• Fruit selections that go well with cheese include sliced red or green apples, sliced pears, and pineapples

• Fruits that you can use to refresh your palate during the meal include dried fruits, berries, and grapes

• Briny and acidic food that you can use to refresh your palate include capers, olives, and cornichons

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