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picture 601“We have inculcated a culture in our society that men have to be tough, men have to be strong. Our society is very good at punishing gender deviation in men. Weakness is not considered to be masculine.” – Dr. Don McCreary (Toronto Men’s Health Network)


The Enneagram system suggests that there are nine basic personality types of human nature, and subtypes and variations within the fundamental categories

picture 594bIn a thousand ways, writes author/performer T.J. Dawe, our culture directs us to be this and not that. Signals come in all forms, from all directions. And implicit in these edicts is the belief that our personalities are bendable as pipe cleaner, that we can choose to be someone radically different from who we’re inclined to be and mould ourselves into that new shape by sheer force of will. But what if that’s not true?


Men’s panel takes a look at current men’s issues

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From men’s rights to domestic violence, we convene a men’s panel to focus on current issues

picture 589When a men’s rights group working against “bigotry that is routinely practiced against men and boys in this culture” planned its first major conference this year, protesters were fighting for the event to be cancelled (see The Huffington Post). The push for “men’s rights” has for some time been a hotly-debated concept—and has been seen as a push-back against hard-won rights for women.


Les Kurkendaal takes Nanaimo Fringe audiences to Bakersfield, California, where his lover’s family lives in all-white isolation

picture 577What happens when a man brings his male lover home to his family in Bakersfield, California, for the holidays? Oh, but this isn’t really the crux of the problem: the family has recently and grudgingly accepted their son Mike’s sexual orientation. The real problem begins as Les steps across the threshold of the family’s pricey, gated suburban home. Mike “forgot” to tell his family that his lover is an African American. [source: Cincinnati CityBeat] [image: Les at Nanaimo Museum for Nanaimo Fringe 2014]

Christmas in Bakersfield is being performed at the 2014 Nanaimo Fringe Festival, at the Nanaimo Museum venue.


Adult-rated show at Nanaimo Fringe takes the audience into ‘jock boy’ and ‘square girl’ stereotypes, challenging everyone with questions about objectification and relationships

picture 578cSQUARE: A Stage Pornography is an erotic comedy that explores the crisis unattached people face in their late twenties.  Eternal high school jock and big-man-on-campus Thomas Pankratz is in a rut and doesn’t care.  Smug and content in his extended adolescence, he happily goes about his daily business of being lewd, crude and clueless until the warm summer’s night he gets a surprise visitor – the girl he has dismissed for twenty years as dull and “square.”

The play is being performed at the 2014 Nanaimo Fringe Festival, at the Nanaimo Museum venue.