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New location for Nanaimo Community Hospice

April 16th, 2014 | Posted by ccsadmin in people first radio - (Comments Off)

hospiceThe Nanaimo Community Hospice provides counseling and support to people with serious progressive illnesses where a cure is not expected and to their families and caregivers. Support is provided during the end of life and for family members and caregivers following the death of a loved one.

The Nanaimo hospice has recently relocated into a beautiful new building and grounds, with much more space for previously crowded programs. (more…)

Dying With Dignity: Expanding end-of-life choices

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dyingwithdignityA 2012 Angus Reid poll showed that 80% of Canadians support the right of terminally ill patients to have medical assistance to die.  Similarly, an Environics Institute poll released December 2013 found Quebec residents are more likely than other Canadians to support medically assisted death. The poll found that nearly four in five Quebec residents said they approved of allowing a terminally ill or severely disabled person to end their life.

Dying with Dignity Canada (DWD) is a Canadian organization devoted to improving quality of dying and expanding end-of-life choices for all Canadians.


Quebec considers ‘dying with dignity’ law

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by ccsadmin in people first radio - (Comments Off)

Quebec could be the first Canadian province to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives

A landmark report to the Quebec legislature in March 2012 [opens to PDF] suggested the province legalize doctor-assisted euthanasia. It recommended the Quebec government make it legal for doctors to help the terminally ill die, if they want to, under “exceptional circumstances.” The report was issued after more than two years of deliberations and public hearings. (more…)

Expanding the heart of Hospice in Nanaimo

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Dying, caregiving and grieving are three of life’s greatest challenges, and the Community Hospice is ready to help

Nanaimo Community Hospice has been serving the community for over 30 years, and was Canada’s first community-based nonprofit charitable Hospice. The organization believes that the dying should  experience dignity and peace, their caregivers should get the help they need, and their friends and family should be supported in their grief. (more…)

Ria Voros’ debut novel uses a special relationship to explore the grief of a child whose parents were killed in an accident

For thirteen-year-old Jakob, the summer is looking pretty bleak. A few months before, he was in a car accident that killed both his parents, and though he can’t remember exactly what happened, he can’t stop turning it over in his mind. (more…)

‘Dying with dignity’ has been supported by many members of Unitarian Fellowships across Canada—for over thirty years

It’s your life and it should be your choice as to how and when you die. That’s what British Columbia resident Gloria Taylor believed. That’s why Taylor, who had Lou Gehrig’s disease, took her case for the right to die to the B.C. Supreme Court. She won that battle. Now, Gloria Taylor has died, of natural causes. Gloria’s mother, Anne Fomenoff, said of her daughter’s passing, “Gloria was able to live her final days free from the fear that she would be sentenced to suffer cruelly in a failing body.” (more…)